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        Greetings From Our Pastor


What a pleasure for us to welcome You to Providence Missionary Baptist Church. Our utmost concern is that You do not feel like a stranger, but that the warmth of our fellowship will assure You that Providence is a Family reaching out to You in Christian Love.   


We are people worshipping; people learning; people witnessing; people discovering their gifts, talents, and purposes; people interacting and sharing our joys and sorrows; our successes and failures; people who are zealously growing in knowledge and grace of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and sharing Him with a hurting world. 


What a precious and fulfilling life we have as the "Children of God", worshipping and fellowshipping together as a part of the "Family of God", in this challenging and unchartered twenty-first (21st) century.


"Glorifying God, Magnifying Christ, and Helping Others"




Pastor Emory C. Virgil, Sr.



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