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Deacons Family Ministry


Deacon Charles Baker, Chairman




Tier #1


Dea. Karl Abrams

Dea. T.C. Sanders

Dea. Lee Wagner


Member's Surname Begin     With A-D

Tier #2


Dea. Cedric Fann

Dea. Jack Hadley

Dea. Corey Williams

Dea. James Williams


Member's Surname Begin

With E-I

Tier #3


Dea. Ernest Graham

Dea. Shaunte Dismuke

Dea. Harry Rayford

Member's Surname Begin

With J-O

Tier #4


Dea. Raymond Johnson

Dea. J.T. Thompson

Dea. Joe Walden

Member's Surname Begin 

With P-Z

Note: All members, in the event of an emergency please make contact with your Deacon(s) immediately. And/or call the church office between 9:30 a.m. - 12 noon Monday - Friday. Church telephone number (229) 226-8242.

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